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Apr 28

SSC winning in Schools Creative Music Showcase 2011/12

學校音樂創藝展2011/12 本校「創意培訓計劃」音樂創作組的同學,由余之期老師及徐靜誼老師帶領下,於本學年代表學校首次參加由教育局及香港作品家聯會合辦的第二十一屆「學校音樂創藝展」,即獲邀參加於本年1月20日在沙田大會堂演奏廳舉行的「最後匯演」。同學於當晚表現出高度的合作性,為現場觀眾給予了一場結合了音樂、舞蹈、投射影像及舞台燈光於一身,題為《入秋》的感人演出,並壓倒其他名校如協恩中學、九龍華仁書院、聖士提反女子中學等,連奪數個奬項: 最佳音樂奬 – 金奬 最佳演出奬 – 銀奬 個別傑出音樂作品奬 – 4Y 馮以誠 馮以誠同學更獲香港作品家聯會頒贈奬學金,給予十堂作曲指導課,作品將於下一屆「學校音樂創藝展」中首演。   Kathleen Fung is the fine result of the school’s vision of the music creativity program which only began 4 years ago.  SSCAA is proud to be a sponsor of this program and Kathleen represents the first fruits of this program which …

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Apr 19


Dear alumni We are sad to hear that SSCPS music teacher 李嘉琦老師 is battling a critical illness. We have all been inspired by his teaching and the music he brought to us. We would like to share a message from his family and would like to encourage alumni who know Mr. Lee to share your …

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Apr 17

Interview with former SSC Principal Mr. Luke Yip

SSCAA is grateful to have an interview with former SSC Principal Mr. Luke Yip during his visit in Hong Kong in April 2012. Mr. Yip was Principal of SSC during 1974-1999 for a total of 25 years.  He is the longest serving Principal during SSC’s 109 years of history.  Find out how he came to …

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Apr 13

Basketball Fun Day Postponed

  [Update] Due to some renovation going on in Tang Siu Kin Hall, this event will be postponed until further notice.   Want to shoot some hoops or watch some matches between students, teachers and alumni? Stay tuned for the latest updates.      

Apr 11

SSC Girls Basketball team – the new ISAA Champion!

Congrats to the girls team in winning the finals!  

Apr 01

2012 Golden Reunion Dinner

Check out the photos of the Golden Reunion.  

Apr 01

Swimming Club Application 2012

Members of the SSCAA, application for swimming club to use the school swimming pool is now ready for 2012. Click on the link for the application form and details!  

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