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Recognizing our Prestige Members/Contributors

Our Prestige Recognitions
V.I.P. Recognition Remarks
Mr. C.P. Lin Patron Effective January 2008, Mr. C.P. Lin becomes the Patron of
the St. Stephen’s College Alumni Association, in
accordance to Section 11 of the Constitution (version 15 July
2006).(a) The ExCo (28 Sept 2007 meeting clause 2) unanimously
approved a resolution to invite/appoint Mr. C.P. Lin as Patron

(b) the College issued its approval on 7 December 2007

(c) the official announcement ceremony was conducted on
23 February 2008 at the CNY Alumni Reunion Dinner.

Our Prestige Recognitions
* By last name in alphabetical order
Honorary Life Members Remarks
Mr. Charlie Chau Alumnus
Status conferred in AGM on 15 August 2008
Mr. C.P. Lin College Council, Alumnus & ex-President
Status conferred in AGM on 17 August 2007
Mr. Derek Too Retired College Principal
Status conferred in AGM on 6 August 2004
Mr. Luke Yip Retired College Principal
Status conferred in AGM on 6 August 2004
Our Prestige Recognitions
Awards Winners
2007 President’s Alumni Award Mr. Chau Lit-kam, Charlie
2007 President’s Award of
Mr. Leonard Fok
2008 Football Tournament President’s Cup Team Name: The Old Champs
Team Captain: Wong Yiu Chung
Team Members: Charlie Chau, David Cheung, Stephen Chan,
Wong Yiu Wing, Wong Yu Choi, Chan Wai Yip, Harry Chan,
Eugene Yeung, Ivan Chau
2008 Alumni Networking Ambassador Mr. Samson Lee
2008 President’s Alumni Award Mr. Samson Lee
2008 President’s Award of Excellence Mr. Hau Chi Kwan, Ken
Our Prestige Recognitions
2006-2008 Period
Mr. Chan, Harry
Mr. Chan, Louis
Mr. Chan Tin Yo
Mr. Chan Wing Kin, Jackie
Ms. Chau, Carmen
Mr. Chau Lit Kam, Charlie
Mr. Chau, Jacky
Miss Chau, Maggie
Mr. Chau, Patrick
Mr. Cheng, Moses
Dr. Ch’ien, Raymond
Miss Fong, Cindy
Mr. Ho Tak Sum
Dr. Kei Lei Hoi
Mr. Lam Kwok Tai
Mr. Lau, Lewis
Mr. Lau Kei Man, Thomas
Mr. Lee, Kingson
Mr. Lee Tat Choy, Samson
Mr. Leung, Ivan
Mr. Lui Yiu Wah, Alexander
Mr. Ma Yau Wai
Mr. Ng P.K., Peter
Ms. Shih, Barbara
Mr. Sze Tsai Ping, Michael
Mr. To, Christopher
Mr. Tse, David
Mr. Tung C.C.
Mr. Wong Ka Tak, Danny
Mr. Wu, Peter
Mr. Yip. Jacky
Mr. Yu, Eratus
Ms. Yu, Salina
Mr. Yuen Sik Fan

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