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SSCAA Privacy Policy Statement


Privacy policy statement

St. Stephen’s College Alumni Association (“SSCAA”) respects personal data and is committed to complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).  This statement sets out in general the privacy policy of SSCAA.

Provision of personal data

You may be invited to provide personal data to SSCAA on a voluntary basis.  The purpose and intended usage of your data will be provided before collection. 

Disclosure of personal data

Your personal data may be provided to St. Stephen’s College, Stanley, St. Stephen’s College Preparatory School (collectively “the Schools”), their students and alumni.  Unless permitted or required by law, SSCAA will not disclose your personal data to any other third parties without your prior consent.

Security of personal data

All personal data provided to SSCAA will be kept in confidence and access to such data is restricted to authorized personnel only.  The Schools, alumni and students in possession of any personal data collected will be advised to keep the personal data in confidence and not longer than is necessary.

Categories of personal data held by SSCAA

  1. Personal information of alumni, teachers and students, which include personal details, correspondence address (including email address), contact telephone numbers, year of graduation/service, etc. 
  2. Other records, such as participation by alumni, teachers and students in relation to various activities organized by SSCAA or the Schools.

Main purposes of keeping personal data

SSCAA is incorporated under the Companies Ordinance with its objects set out in SSCAA’s Memorandum and Articles of Association that are available on SSCAA’s website, which include the furtherance of the interests of St. Stephen’s College, Stanley (“SSC”), St. Stephen’s College Preparatory School (“SSCPS”) (collectively the “Schools”) and SSCAA; to promote rapport between the Schools, their students and SSCAA and to promote and maintain unity and fellowship amongst the alumni of the Schools.  For these purposes, personal data have been and will continue be used for the purposes of:

  1. communicating between the Schools, SSCAA, alumni and students for purposes including invitation for sponsorship or contribution to the Schools or SSCAA, providing assistance to the Schools, students or other alumni or other philanthropic purposes; 
  2. planning and development of SSCAA.


Personal data are retained for the fulfilment of the purpose or its directly related purpose for which the data are used and will be retained for no longer than is necessary to fulfil such purpose, subject to legal, statutory and regulatory requirements mandating the retention of data.  Certain personal data will be kept for historical interest.

Right of access, correction and determining the use of personal data

Under Cap. 486, you are entitled to access or correct your personal data retained by SSCAA.  You may also request SSCAA to stop using your personal data. Such request must be in writing and be sent to the Honorary Secretary of SSCAA as follow –

  • by email to kelvinkayunlee@gmail.com.


Any enquiries on data protection issues should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary, whose address is set out above.

(March 2020 version)


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