Apr 28

Statement from Dr Raymond Ch’ien, Chairman of the College Council and School Management Committee

Dear members of the Alumni Association and fellow alumni,

The Chairman of the SSC Council and School Management Committee, Dr Raymond Ch’ien posted the statement at the SSC website, we want to share with you all by this enewsletter, for the original copy please refer to the PDF from SSC website (http://www.ssc.edu.hk/images/document/revised_schoolsong_4.pdf)

Best Regards,

SSCAA Communication Team

Statement from Dr Raymond Ch’ien, Chairman of the College Council and School Management Committee

At the first meeting of the College Management Committee on 26 April 2010, the issue regarding the College Song was discussed. It was noted that after the Council decision on the amended lyrics of the College Song at its meeting on 28 January 2010, there had been spirited discussions on the matter, among College community members, in various media and fora.

Members of the Management Committee appreciate very much the concern expressed by stakeholders, especially alumni and students, on the matter, as it indicated that stakeholders care much about their ties to the College.

Taking into account some of the feedback we had received on the issue, and after thorough discussion, members felt that the slightly amended lyrics, as approved unanimously by the Council at the January meeting, reflect better the ethos, heritage and educational vision of the College than the version introduced in the 1970s, while fully retaining the original high spirits.

Members also noted that when Council approved the revised lyrics of the College Song in January, it was based on the understanding that alumni had been made aware of the change and there was no general objection. The issue had been discussed extensively over two meetings of the Council, spanning a period of close to four months, with the President of the Alumni Association participating and supporting. Nevertheless, the reactions to the Council decision showed that some stakeholders are unhappy they had not been consulted adequately on this emotive matter. For this reason, the Management Committee proposed to set up an ad hoc Working Group to canvass various stakeholders, including alumni and students, on the matter of amending the College Song. This suggestion was endorsed by the Council in its meeting immediately following the Management Committee meeting. The membership of the working group is as follows:

Convenor, Mr. Christopher To, (College Council member, past President of the SSC Alumni Association)

The Rev. Robin Fung (Parent Representative, College Management Committee member, College Alumnus)

Miss Winnie Wong (Teacher representative, College Management Committee member)

The Rev. Douglas Koon (College Council member)

Ms. Lucille Au (College Council member)

Mr. Samson Lee (College Council member, current President SSC Alumni Association)

The Working Group will, among other things, engage the Student Association in gathering feedback from students. In due course, it will report its findings to the Council with recommendations.

In the meantime, the older version of the College Song shall remain in use.

Care for the College and its educational mission is the principal tie that binds all stakeholders. The Council firmly believes that in St. Stephen’s College’s strive for sustainable educational excellence, all stakeholders’ objectives are aligned. We warmly welcome constructive support, in any form, for the College’s mission. We stand ready to work hand in hand with everyone who is prepared to contribute to building on our long, noble heritage, to making St. Stephen’s a better place for our present and future generations of students.

For and on behalf of the College Council

Raymond K.F. Ch’ien (Class of 1968)


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