Sep 24

Together, we can!

Together, we can!

Dear Alumni,

You must have learned from the news report about the campus of our alma mater that we have spent years and generations together is severely damaged by typhoon Mungkhut. Trees were uprooted and facilities have been damaged. You can see for yourself the damages sustained from a video made by staff members of SSC that we have uploaded separately. 

SSCAA has consulted Principal YANG as to what the alumni community could help restore our alma mater. We understand that additional funding is required to help to rebuild our alma mater. A detail amount is not available at this stage but for sure that amount will be substantial. Alumni have been asked to help contribute the necessary funding. Please help our alma mater by donating directly to the following accounts of the St. Stephen’s Foundation Limited, which covers both SSC and SSCPS:

808-393649-001 HSBC
395-492952-883 Hang Seng Bank

Alumni who donate $100 or above, and wishes to obtain a receipt for tax deduction may email your payment slip, your name and postal address to mailto:sschk@ssc.edu.hk

If you may provide other assistance to rebuild our alma mater, please also contact us, or SSC.

SSCAA will provide a further update on the restoration of our alma mater once further information is available.

Together, we can rebuild our alma mater not only to what we know but even better!

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