Sep 16

The new SSCAA ex-com members

(From Left to Right) David Fong, Karrie Lui, Yannie Ng, Dickson Leung, Timon Shum, Mimi Yuen, Arthur Chow, Augusto King, Randy Lee, Yvonne Au, Gordon Yen, Cindy Fong, Sally Keung

The election of the new executive committee members was completed at the AGM held on 14 Sep 2012.  Congratulations to the new team who is ready to continue the proud traditions of SSCAA:

  • President: Arthur Chow
  • Vice Presidents: Augusto King, Mimi Yuen
  • Honorary Secretary: Timon Shum
  • Honorary Treasurer: Yvonne Au
  • Executive committee members:  Randy Lee, Cindy Fong, Gordon Yen, Sally Keung, Daphne Ng, Karrie Lui,  Donald, Chau, David Fong, Dickson Leung, Yannie Ng.

A big thank you for the outgoing ex-com members who had done a great job over the year!

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