Sep 13

More information about the AGM and voting process

To see who is entitled to vote :

Clause 2, p. 5 defines “Voting Member” as an ordinary member or a life member for the time being of the Association who has paid up his Membership Subscription. so, only ordinary or “ordinary” life members can be voting members.

Clause 9, p. 6 defines the different categories of membership. (e) and (f) are Ordinary and Life Membership respectively.

Clause 31 – every voting member shall have one vote.

Clause 32 p. 9 provides that a Voting Member shall not have any voting right at any meeting if he has not paid his entrance fee or annual subscription fees to the Association for the year in whcih the meeting is held seven clear days prior to such meeting. so, as most memberships expired in August, we might have a small electorate BUT

by clause 8, save as otherwise determined by the Exco no member shall be entitled to enjoy the rights attached to his membership until he shall have paid his Entrance Fee, Membership Subscriptions etc.
by clause 2 p. 5 “Membership Subscription” means such sum(s) of money payable annually in each calendar year by an ordinary member etc… as the Exco may from time to time prescribe.

since we decided to extend all current memberships until the conclusion of AGM, there is no question of any overdue subscriptions.

Exco — Clause 35 p. 9 provides that the management of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in the Exco which consists of President, 2 VPs, Hon Sec, Hon Treasurer, Imm. Past Presdient, and not more than 10 members.

Votes – Clause 31, every voting member shall have one vote, whether on a show of hands or on a poll.

Clause 33 – on a poll, votes may be given either personally or by proxy.

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