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Message from President for the change of College song

April 8, 2010

Dear Alumni and members,

You may be aware that the College and its Council have recently resolved to adopt some changes to the lyrics of the College Song.  The “new” College Song will be used officially on 1 September 2010 at the beginning of the new school term.   Attached please find a statement (both in English and Chinese) issued by the College as to the reasons for the change.  The changes to the lyrics are also highlighted in the statement.

However, lately I am aware of the discussions going on amongst some alumni made through Facebook raising concerns of and objections to the College’s decision to change the lyrics of the College Song.

These discussions have also attracted the College’s attention, and the Principal, Dr Law, has issued a statement reflecting on her general responses to these discussions.  I have also attached herewith Dr Law’s statement for your reference.

In light of the rising volume of these discussions, as President of the Alumni Association who sits on the College Council, I am fully conscious of my duty to convey and channel your views and valuable comments on this issue directly to the Council.

The next Council meeting is scheduled to be held on 26 April 2010.

In the circumstances, I write to urge you to send me your views (if any) on the College’s decision to change the lyrics of the College Song directly to my personal email account at: samsontc.lee@gmail.com or to the Alumni Association’s email account at: sscaa@sscaa.org by 22 April, 2010.  Most importantly, when you send me your views and comments, may I ask you to also indicate whether you support, oppose or are neutral to the College’s said decision.  On this regards, it is pertinent to note, as I mentioned above, that the Council has already resolved to adopt and use the new lyrics of the College Song.

After collecting your views and comments, I will present them to the Council at its coming meeting on 26 April for discussions.

I look forward to receiving your views and comments.

Best regards,

Samson Lee (Lee Tat-choy)

President, St. Stephen’s College Alumni Association


A message from the St.Stephen’s College regarding the College Song, 1 April 2010

A message from the Principal regarding the College Song, 7 April 2010

Message from President for the change of College song, 8 April 2010

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