Apr 20

2nd message from SSCAA President for the school song

Dear Alumni,

With respect to the recent open discussions on the changing of our school song, there are a lot of enquiries and confusion seen (both online and offline, verbal or electronic, across different alumni communities and peer groups), the Association wishes to state that it will continue to give full support to our members, all alumni, and the school in accordance to (amongst) the AA’s constitution of :

– to establish, promote and carry on an association for the Alumnus and to maintain and promote unity and fellowship amongst the Alumnus;

– to promote rapport between the Association and the School and its students and to provide assistance, awards and scholarships to the students and graduates of the School;

– to further assist in furthering the interests of Members and the School.

And as such, that :

1) The Association has not received formal request from the school for general alumni consultation on the subject of school song.

2) The development and management of school policy is a matter of school administration. The Association will do its best to assist and/or advise the school only where upon request.

3) If the school should decide to conduct a full and open general consultation process to all its stakeholders on a school matter, the Association – being one of the stakeholders – will support and participate in the school-led process.

And for interim, the Association will support our members and fellow alumni :

a) We strive to keep all our members informed of the progress on the change of school song.

b) The Association has always respected and liaised closely with each separate and individual alumni group/community all over the world. The Association will reach out to the Facebook School Song Interest Group – just as any alumni community – to provide assistance in furthering the communication between the Group and the school, if requested.

Faithfully yours,

Lee Tat-choy (ah choy)

President of St. Stephen’s College Alumni Association

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