Mar 19

Support our SSC alumni teams in the ISAA finals

Come support our SSC alumni teams as they compete in the ISAA finals on 31 March! Good luck to the boys and girls. To fight, to win with steadfast pride!

Venue: Shek Kip Mei Park Sport Centre, 290 Nam Cheong St, Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong


Football (Shek Kip Mei Park Grass Pitch)

09:30 SSCAA Team A for 9th position

12:10 SSCAA Team A for 5th position


Basketball (Shek Kip Mei Park Sport Centre)

11:00 SSCAA A37 Team for 5th position (Court No.3)

12:00 SSCAA U37 Team for 9th position (Court No.1)
Volleyball (Shek Kip Mei Park Sport Centre)

13:00 SSCAA Men Team for 2nd runner-up

16:00 SSCAA Women Team for defending Champion

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