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St. Stephen’s College announcement on College Song through St. Stephen’s College Alumni Association

The current St. Stephen’s College Song was first introduced in the 1970’s, the same decade when the College turned from a private school into a Government aided school.  Prior to that, from 1903, a hymn was sung in honour of the College.  This hymn, believed to be “We Build Our School on Thee”, was commonly used as a Sheng Kung Hui school song.

Now that the College has become a Direct Subsidy School, and entered a new phase in its development, there have been many suggestions from various stakeholder groups, that it is time to revisit the lyrics of the School Song and to inject some Christian ethos into it, so as to better reflect the spirit of the disciple Saint Stephen.

After much consideration, involving College Council members, the Chaplin, alumni representatives, and members of staff, the revised version with the least changes was approved by the Council.  This 2010 version will better reflect the emphasis on “faith” and “courage” as stated in the College’s Motto since 1903, “Fortitudinis Fundamentum Fides” which means Faith is the Foundation of Courage.  The melody will remain unchanged.

The revised Anthem will be sung for the first time on 1st September, 2010 at the New Term Assembly.  While current students will be taught the revised version, the 1970s version will remain a part of the evolution of St. Stephen’s College.  Alumni are welcome to sing their preferred version at their reunions and gatherings.


七十年代,聖士提反書院由一所私立中學轉為政府津貼中學之後,校歌也於此時誕生。在此之前,即自1903年創校起計,書院並無撰作自己的校歌,以廣傳於聖公會學校的聖詩 <<學校根基歌>>(We Build Our School On Thee)代校歌。




Anthem of St. Stephen’s College–revised version

Verse 1

Our hearts are young, our ideals high

We are prepared to work and play

To live good lives and to be true

In Christ our Lord we pledge our faith

So for St Stephen’s let us strive

To fight, to win, with steadfast faith

Verse 2

Life’s a journey that we face

With courage, teamwork, joy and tears

Based on Christ our Cornerstone

And wisdom growing with the years

So for St Stephen’s let us strive

To fight, to win, with steadfast faith

College Song 2010

St. Stephen’s College official announce on College Song issue

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