Jun 09

SSCAA Member Survey (2014-15) Result Announcement

Dear Alumni,

Before Chinese New Year, we have sent our members a questionnaire in order for the Executive Committee to plan for the Association’s future.  I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to members that have taken the time to respond and provided us with valuable suggestions.

I would like to provide a short summary of our findings below:


1. Annual Christmas Ball / Annual Dinner

Only 5% of the respondents would like to retain the Annual Christmas Ball on Christmas Eve.   Over 60% of the respondents prefer to have an Annual Dinner instead.

There was a relatively even distribution among respondents on the time of the year to have the Annual Dinner – Before end of the year in December (37%), around Chinese New Year (27%) and during Summer (22%).

A majority of the respondents are prepared to pay HKD1,000 for either the Annual Dinner or Annual Christmas Ball.


2. Sports Activities

We were surprised to note that around 80% of the respondents do not belong to any of our sports clubs.   60% and 40% of the respondents (members can choose more than 1 sports) have expressed an interest in joining the Football Club and Dragon Boat Club respectively.

Some members kindly suggested other sports activities which we would take into consideration for future planning.


3. Constitution

Over 60% of the respondents believed that the current tenure of the President and the Bearer Office is too short whereas 39% believed it is appropriate.

Among the 60% of respondents that supports a longer tenure, there were an equal split of 41% vs 41% for a term of 2 years and 3 years respectively.

Over 40% of the respondents suggested a maximum tenure of the President to be 4 years and 30% suggested a maximum tenure of 6 years.


Any amendment to our constitution is a significant event.  We would table any considerations in our forthcoming AGM for discussion among members.

The responses from our members are useful feedback for us to plan for the future of our association.   Thanks again for your valuable feedback.



Augusto King


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