Sep 15

Consultation on Incorporation of SSCAA

At the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 26 August 2011, it was resolved that there be a 6 month consultation period for members to express their views on the proposed Memorandum and Articles of Association (“M&A”) which will replace our present constitution.

The 6 month consultation period commenced with the conclusion of the EGM and will extend to 26 March 2011.

Members are invited to present their views on the proposed M&A. Our present constitution can be found here. The current draft M&A can be foundhere. A short note explaining the major differences between the present constitution and the draft M&A can be found here.

Please submit your views to the Hon. Sec at robpang@gmail.com, who will also be pleased to answer any specific questions about any clauses in the proposed M&A. For members’ information, the M&A has been drafted to minimize any changes to the principles embodied in our present constitution.

Upon close of the consultation period, members’ views will be collated and an Extraordinary General Meeting will be held approximately 1 month thereafter for the purpose of passing the required resolutions to adopt a draft M&A which will form the basis for incorporation of the St. Stephen’s College Alumni Association Limited and to incorporate a limited company with the Draft M&A approved in general meeting, which will replace the present unincorporated association.

Please take this opportunity to express your views on a matter of fundamental importance to our Association.

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