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New Membership Structure (Effective September 2013)

Dear Alumni

In June 2013, we conducted a survey regarding the membership structure reform. Based on the opinion that we have received, the majority view is supportive of simplifying the membership structure. With such support, the Executive Committee has resolved to adopt a new membership structure with effect from 1 September 2013. Under the new membership structure, there will be only two types of ordinary membership as follows:

Types of Ordinary Membership / Membership Fee:
• Lifetime Membership / One-off Fee of HK$1,000
• 1-year Membership / Annual Fee of HK$200

Under the new simplified membership structure, Alumni can now apply for lifetime membership at a much lower fee of HK$1,000 (the one-off fee for local lifetime member was HK$5,000 under the old membership structure) and be released from the burden to renew membership regularly, while flexibility is retained for those who prefer the 1-year membership.

In order to encourage our Alumni to upgrade their membership to lifetime membership and to celebrate the 110th/75th Anniversary of SSC/SSCPS, Alumni who apply and duly pay for lifetime membership on or before 15 November 2013 will be offered a 20% discount and only need to pay one-off fee of HK$800.

For those Alumni whose current membership will expire on or after 31 August 2014, the unrealized membership fee previously paid for the current year (from 1 September 2013 to 31 August 2014) onwards can be applied to offset the abovementioned lifetime membership fee their application for lifetime membership. Emails setting out details of the membership offsetting arrangement will be sent to the relevant Alumni separately.

Please take immediate action and do not miss the opportunity to upgrade to lifetime membership at the discounted one-off fee of HK$800 on or before 15 November 2013. Any application for lifetime membership after 15 November 2013 should be subject to the payment of the normal fee of HK$1,000. Please visit our webpage www.sscaa.org/memberwhip/online-membership/ for membership application/renewal/payment instruction, and you may also pay your membership online.

If you have any query relating to the new membership structure or other membership issues (including the expiry date of your current membership), please write to us via email at membership@sscaa.org


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